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Without CPA GEO Targeting the organic traffic that you have been working for this whole time is being RUTHLESSLY wasted away since you are not targeting it correctly.
If you are getting organic traffic through…

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Forums

Or any other platforms… then it is a SIN not to target it and leverage more value out of it through CPA offers.

If you are already using CPA offers as a monetization method then again you are DEFINITELY not getting the maximum amount of value out of it…

Why? Because most CPA offers are targeted for one or at most 2 more countries… but that’s it.

An Example Of When You Don’t Use CPA GEO Targeting…

Let’s say you are averaging 1000 unique visitors to your website per day and 500 of them are from the US while 250 are from the UK and the other 250 are from Switzerland.

If you go ahead and direct that traffic to a CPA offer which pays $1.20 per every action completed for US visitors only then right there and then you have wasted away 500 unique visitors which could have made you more money…

Here is how: If those 1000 unique visitors clicked on the CPA offer you directed them to that pays $1.20 per every action completed for US visitors ONLY then you would ONLY make $600 (which not to insult your intelligence but is 500 users * 1.20 dollars = $600).

That’s because if anyone else from another country other than US clicks on that link it would take them to a page saying something along the lines of “You cannot use this offer”, “You are restricted from using this offer” etc you got the point.

Some offers automatically geo target but they geo target to another irrelevant offer which decreases your chances of getting money. So to keep it short your 500 other users combined from Switzerland and UK got wasted because of that. Money lost that you will never be able to get back…

Here Is Where CPA GEO Targeting Comes In…

What if there was a way to geo target your cpa offer to get the maximum amount of value out of your scattered organic traffic…

When you do this a very beautiful thing happens – when your visitors click on the CPA offer they get GEO redirected so all of your US visitors go to an offer for US based people, all of the UK visitors go to an offer for UK based people and so on and so forth.

Instead of you just making $600 from ONLY US based visitors while wasting the rest of your traffic you can now bundle up similar offers together for all the countries you want and maximize your results by generating a geo targeted link which will be smart enough to detect the country of your website visitors and direct them to the appropriate cpa offer that you will choose.

Here is an example: Let’s say you stick with the other offer from our previous example for your US visitors and then you go ahead and find two other similar offers for your Switzerland users and UK users. Let’s say the offer for Switzerland users pays $1.60 and the offer for UK visitors pays $1.50.

Check this out: ALL you would have to do is create a GEO Targeted Link using our plugin which is a BREEZE as you’ll see in the video and then attach destination links to that GEO Targeted Link – those being your different offers which is ALSO a BREEZE!

The GEO Targeted Link would have a title that generalizes all of the offers so for example if all of your 3 offers are about money making online then the title would be…. MoneyMakingOnline (or anything else you want this just made sense as it is the simplest thing to put down and most understandable) and your final link that you would be sharing with people would look like this:

Then you would attach your individual offers to this GEO Targeted Link.


Here is where you get the value!

Now once you share this with users the GEO Targeted Link will be smart enough to know their GEO location and automatically redirect them to the correct offer.

In this case if all of the users end up completing their offers then instead of you making JUST $600 you would end up making… $600 + (250 users * $1.60) + (250 user + $1.50) = $600 + $400 + $375 = $1375!!!!!

Congratulations! You now finally will be utilizing your entire 1000 unique visitors without wasting single one of them.

That is 43% MORE than the original plan! Do you NOW see how much money you HAVE been wasting away this whole time while doing CPA Marketing?

Obviously, not all of the users will complete the cpa offers but the most important thing is that you are taking control on YOUR part! And that’s what success is all about.

But The Sky Is The Limit…

You can start building GEO targeted lists with CPA GEO Targeting!

With this tool you are not only able to target and GEO redirect your users to CPA offers but you can also redirect them to landing pages based on their country…

Start building GEO targeted lists and this way you can promote your CPA offers to them OVER and OVER and OVER again since the users are in your list now!

CPA GEO Targeting tool is originated based on very practical needs, which is WHY it provides very practical results.

There might be other tools like CPA GEO Targeting but some of them are not user-friendly, not being updated after the very first release or simply bloated with other features and therefore are overpriced…

We have cut the bluff and focused on the things that the user needs.

CPA GEO Targeting is ONLY $39.99 which is an embarrassingly low price for such a helpful and result-driven tool.

It is your virtual assistant and your result multiplier and it WILL change your life for the better.

Stop letting money leak away from you. Get CPA GEO Targeting WordPress Plugin and start taking control of your scattered traffic, target it and start collecting the money that you are losing out on right now!

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    I’ve been using it since it first came out and all I can say is WOW!

    It works like a charm. If you have any kind of traffic from multiple countries get this thing. Now. It will increase your conversions for sure. If you need international CPA offers I recommend Max Bounty.

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