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CPA GEO Targeting Questions

What does CPA GEO Targeting do?

CPA GEO Targeting is a geo redirection tool for your scattered traffic. It is not just for CPA offers but for anything else that you would like to GEO redirect.

Do  you have scattered traffic that you would like to GEO redirect into specific landing pages so that when they sign up you know what country they are from later on?

Do want to send them to offers that are only restricted for certain countries?

This and many many more things can be done very easily with CPA GEO Targeting WordPress plugin.

Can I GEO redirect anything else other than CPA offers?

Yes, absolutely.

The reason why we specifically called it CPA GEO Targeting is because it is very much used in the CPA marketing community and for marketing reasons we have went very specific with the name for our plugin.

Once again – you can use this plugin to GEO redirect anything you would like. It could be used to GEO redirect anything else other than CPA offers.

What is the Default option on CPA GEO Targeting?

What the “Default” option does is it sends the rest of the untargeted traffic to a certain targeted URL of your choice. In much simpler terms it allows you to do bulk redirecting.

Here is an example to put things into perspective – basically if you have your untargeted traffic and you know some percentage of it is from let’s say US and you want them to go to and the rest of the scattered traffic to go to then you would basically do this:

You would choose your masked link (the one that you will be directing your traffic to) – this could be for example. Then you would choose a country for geo targeting the masked link and in this example you would choose US and put the destination link to

Then, in order to redirect the rest of the untargeted traffic you would add another destination link and choose “Default” from the drop down menu and add another destination URL of your choice to redirect these users to which means that whether they are from UK, Russia or Switzerland or any other country they will be redirected to unless they are from US in which case they will be redirected to

How to use CPA GEO Targeting?

Please watch the video posted on the bottom of CPA GEO Targeting download page explaining this process. But here is also a quick overview on how to use the plugin.

You go ahead and create a masked URL which is the URL you will be sharing with your audience and this URL will look something like this

Once that process is done you then go ahead and create destination links. For each destination link you will assign a country and a link that you want users from your specified country to be redirected to.

Once this is done all you would need to do is to share your link with your audience and they will be automatically GEO redirected to your specified destination links for those countries.

Product & Account Related Questions

How many domains can I install the plugins on?

Unlimited. We used to put a limit on our plugins but now it is unlimited and you can go ahead and install it on as many domains as you would like. Enjoy!

How long do the licenses last on all of the plugins?

Our licenses last for an entire year which includes support and constant updates as we push them out.

After a year you would need to update the license (we give 50% discount on the original price) in order to be able get support and constant updates.

Can I still use the plugin if the license is not updated?

Yes, you can. However, we don’t recommend taking that route since it will create instabilities with each and every WordPress update on your end.

Also our users always suggest us new features and/or find bugs through continuous usage and all of that gets improved and pushed back to them.

Without a valid license we cannot guarantee that with each and every WordPress update the plugin is secure and functional.

What are discount points and how do I use them?

You earn discount points by purchasing items and making sure that you have an account created with us. If you don’t have an account you won’t be able to earn discount points.

The way you create an account is very easy – on your initial purchase on the checkout page you will have an option to create an account. Once that is done the next time all you would need to do is to log into your account before purchasing an item and your points will be tracked over time.

Every dollar equals to 10 points. So if you purchase a plugin that is worth 20 dollars you would collect 200 points. Now if you would like to use these points you will have an option to do so on your next purchase on the checkout page.

You can either wait until you have enough points to get a plugin for free or you could just reduce the price and get it for cheaper.

The conversion of discount points back into dollars is as such – every 100 points equals to 1 dollar. So for example if you had 2000 points you would be able to get a plugin for free that costs 20 dollars!

This is our way of giving back to our customers so please make sure to create an account with us to not lose out on this opportunity.

Do you still have questions?

If after reading the FAQ and watching the instructional videos you still have unanswered questions please go ahead and post a question in our resolution center.

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