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How Do You Know If You Are An Entrepreneur?

So how do you know if you are an entrepreneur? This is a great question to ask and a difficult one to answer – I will try however to answer this based on my own experience and several other people’s however in no way, shape or form does it represent a final, concrete answer because there are just way too many factors that could play a role in a person’s journey. My goal in this article would be to extract general overarching themes that all of us entrepreneurs share in common, there might be more and if you find them don’t hesitate to share with all of us in the comments section.

Reading about many large business owners, inventors and just thinking about myself in general and how I was in the past first thing that comes to mind is the hunger for novelty. Now this could be a dangerous one because there are people out there constantly chasing novelty but never implementing on anything. it is just a rush and then nothing else after that…

For successful entrepreneurs the way this works is love for novelty is controlled. So there might be this one idea that is very novel and exciting but once they start working on that and other ideas start coming up in their minds they try to put them behind or record them somewhere for later, but then keep continuing to work on the current idea they had from the past.

This type of mindset comes up when an individual has mastered consistency. And this is a big one because without it a brilliant person might never reach his or her full potential. Novel ideas are great but one has to know how to stick with one and finish it and then move on to other projects. Now there are people that can juggle multiple projects together and that is true but for most people they haven’t gotten to that level through practice yet which is why focusing up on specific tasks and moving only after finishing them is an amazing and must have habit for any successful entrepreneur.

One of the other things that comes to mind is the willingness to enter the unknown without depending on mass opinions. Here is what I mean by that an entrepreneur might look at other people’s opinions and feedback and use it as a tool to improve his or her product/idea/service but at any time he or she will be willing to walk into the unknown if the situations requires them to do so. They still have the fear for the unknown but they are better at managing it than other people.

One of the other characteristics of entrepreneurs is the willingness to immerse themselves into a tasks to the point where they forget the time and the world. It is just them and their task. This one is very dangerous as well because if not controlled properly one might lose out on life and also lose friends and family members because of the absentmindedness. So there have to be times when immersion is good but the way and the time it is done should all be controlled so that there are no regrets later down the line.

This one is also important – deep understanding of life and a childlike attitude towards life. Felix Dennis put it best by saying life is a silly game with serious rules. I absolutely agree with this philosophy because it doesn’t put you down by saying none of this has a meaning and we might as well not try, but at the same time it keeps you aware that you shouldn’t be taking this too seriously in the end.


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