Learn short-term and long-term strategies for getting energy and start producing more results

How To Get More Energy In Order To Be More Productive

I always felt that I never had enough energy to accomplish the things I needed to accomplish and because of this I started looking into ways on how to get more energy in order to be more productive.

What I found out was very fascinating – the reason I wasn’t getting as much done as I wanted to was because I was lying to myself that I was doing things.

Here is what I mean by that: There would be times when I would say to myself “okay so I am posting valuable answers on forums in order to give value and increase brand awareness” meanwhile checking my social media profiles which were totally unrelated from my business and weren’t providing value to anyone whatsoever.

But it goes deeper than that. When I wasn’t doing the things I was promising myself I was going to do my mind was becoming unfocused and THAT is the main reason why I wasn’t getting enough energy to complete as many tasks as I wanted.

Ways to Get More Energy

Now in your case it might be something other than social media but the bottom line is reminds the same – if you promise you are going to do something then make it very clear what it is that you are going to do and then do it. Simple as that. Once your mind is focused on a specific task, necessary amount of energy will be allocated to help you complete that task.

Short-Term & Long-Term Strategies for Getting More Energy

But it doesn’t stop there. We can either gen more energy through focus to complete a small task or complete a task that might take us a few weeks or even months and even years.

How to use the short-term strategy for getting more energy

So there is a short-term strategy and a long-term strategy which I personally use based on how complex the task is. The short-term strategy for getting more energy is something we have lightly touched upon and that is to set your mind straight on a goal, allocated some free time throughout the day, cut off all communication if possible and just dive into it because the moment you are clear about the task, feeling relaxed and focused you will be granted with enough amount of energy to complete the task at hand.

How to use the long-term strategy for getting more energy

Now the long-term strategy might take a little bit of more time for getting used to. When you have a task that might take more than a day to complete you need to mesh it with your regular schedule or lifestyle. Here is what I mean by that:

Let’s say your regular schedule  is such that you go to work, come back home after then go to the gym, then you come back from there and go for a run and once you are home you try to sleep early (not a very exciting lifestyle but just go with me on this one).

If you then are faced with a complex task which you need to finish early you need to break this task down into small pieces and then mesh it with your schedule. So Let’s say the task is that you need to complete 100 blog entries. Trying to do it right away will burn you out and even if you come close to finishing it you probably won’t and the next day you will feel such a disgust towards that task that you will procrastinate by finding any reason on earth NOT to go about completing that task.

The way I would go about it is this: I would think it through and first of all find out about the deadline then based on that deadline I would try to see how many blog entries I could write per day. Once the baseline is established I would go ahead and start on that task. I would spread it out across the amount of days that fall in between the day I get the task and the deadline. In order to spread the task across I would look at my schedule and see if there are any open spots. If not I might try to wake up earlier and dedicate some time for that task before going to work. Or if there are existing tasks that I know I can postpone then I will do just that – for example our character in this hypothetical situation goes to the gym and then runs. We could consolidate the two in one and then allocated the time for running to writing blog entries.

Once the schedule is setup your mind will be a LOT clearer on what to expect and it will start allocating enough amount of energy for you to complete the task or tasks at hand.

I hope that this article makes you more productive and that it helps you get more energy to go ahead and complete the things that you want to complete and therefore produce more results and generate more success.

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