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Confuse two links



I see step one enter a GEO target url 

let say I put under Masked link , country = USA 

the next box what link I put ?



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Hey :)

Thank you for using the plugin. Let's get this figured out.

So right off the bat the problem is that you are putting your destination URL as your masked URL. Masked URL should be a word, phrase or anything that describes the group of attached destination links.

So let me give you an example so that it makes sense.

Let's say you are promoting a fitness offer like you are to 3 different countries. One is US, on is UK and one is China.

For your masked URL link you would want to enter something like this - MyAwesomeFitnessOffer which would automatically generate a link for you on the bottom looking as follows: 

Then on your destination links you would put in your actual offers for US, UK and China. That's it :)

So to give you simple steps:

1) Go to masked URL and enter a word or a phrase in your case it would be newsletter-signup instead of the whole just put the phrase newsletter-signup and it will generate the link automatically.

2) Then enter your destination links which should be your actual CPA offers for the countries you would like to target.

That's it! Hope it helps :)

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masked link I put " Free health and wellness E books

country = USA 

destinal url is


so I promote this link which came out?

below it?
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    Hi Chin. 1) Please ONLY post an answer to your own question if you have already come up with the answer. Do not post another question as an answer to your question. This is confusing for other viewers who might be having problems and are trying to find out solutions. If you would like to ask a related question just click "add comment" on the bottom of the original answer. Just for the future reference. Thank you for understanding. 2) Yes. That is the link you would be using in order to promote your offer.
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