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cpa geo targeting not working


Hi just purchased your plugin but the plugin is not working it just loads the page it creates when you add a new link?



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    Hi Ian, Could you please list the steps on how to reproduce the problem. For example: 1) Create masked link called "testing" 2) Choose geo redirect links as US visitors 3) Enter destination link as Could you please provide your question in that format so that we can reproduce the problem and then solve it if there are actually any problems with it. Waiting for your reply. Best, Avo
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Due to inactivity we will post a generic answer in case it is what you are looking for.

Since you didn't really specify how the plugin was breaking there is no way for us to diagnose the problem.

As we tested the plugin again and again through different scenarios we couldn't reproduce any types of issues, so the only answer we could give you is to go through these steps and let us know during which step it is breaking.

1) Enter a masked link

2) Choose the country that YOU are from in the drop down menu.

3) Enter a destination link such as

4) When you entered the masked link you can see on the bottom left corner there was a link generated that looks like this -

5) Please copy/paste that link into your browser window and press enter

6) Does it redirect to the destination link? If so then you should be fine and the plugin is working if no then please describe what is happening.

Once again we have not had any other issues from other users + ourselves (since we use the plugin heavily ourselves).

If you find that the issue is still happening please reply to this thread and we will continue investigating the problem.



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