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How do I use the "Default" option in the CPA GEO Targeting?



So I installed the plugin and it is wonderful I am loving it just want to understand what the Default option does and how it works. I tried to read the FAQ page but still didn't quiet understand it fully.


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Hi veronicany87,

I am glad that you are enjoying the plugin always happy to hear that.

Now about the Default option. So what it does is it bulk redirects the rest of your untargeted traffic meaning for example if you have 2 countries you want to GEO target but you know that your website is getting traffic from tons of more countries then you can simply GEO target the 2 countries you want and send the rest of the traffic somewhere else.

So if your desired countries were US and UK you would GEO target those and for the rest you would choose Default and then choose a destination link for that. This would ensure that any visitor who is not from US or UK will automatically go to the destination link that you have provided.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask more questions!

  • veronica337
    Thank you! That deff helps a bunch! :)
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