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When Feeling Unmotivated Use The Time Machine Mindset

Oh we are so whiny these days aren’t we? Something little happens and down goes our mood making us unmotivated and when feeling unmotivated we think that we are worthless and taking action on any level seems virtually impossible.

Do you know what our ancestors had to go through so that nowadays we can just simply sit in front of our TVs and enjoy our Sunday evenings? Do you know what conditions they had to live through?

Being in a bad mood was the LEAST of their worries, being scared of rejection and embarrassment was NOT that big of a deal because they were put in such bad situations that the only thing they wanted to do was to SURVIVE – there was no time for anything else!

And after all that look at us now – taking each and everything personally, scared of failure and scared of rejection, most of the time feeling unmotivated about life, feeling unmotivated at work, just feeling downright lazy…

Here is the thing about motivation – it is not something YOU create yourself it is something YOUR DNA provides to you when noticing that you need it. The key is to continuously ask yourself  “Why do I feel unmotivated, why am I unmotivated, why, why…” and the second key is to learn how to ignite motivation.

What Questions To Ask When Feeling Unmotivated

You first need to ask yourself why you are not feeling motivated and what is keeping you from going after what you want. Most of the time the obvious answer is that you don’t even know what you want in this life. So in order to take care of that problem I would recommend taking a week off from your job, go somewhere where you feel comfortable and relaxed and dedicated those days to thinking about your strengths, passions and your overall purpose in this life.

I want you to think about how you can contribute to this life, what are your gifts and how can those gifts make this world a better place. Also please don’t take the route of going online and reading “motivate me quotes” because that will only act as a short term motivator and you are looking for a long term motivator because you are in this for the long haul – well at least I hope you are.

The way you find your purpose is pretty much by asking yourself what you are really good at and how can THAT benefit others. Then the rest is about dedicating your life to reach mastery in that area and building a business around your skills. THIS is the common theme with most people who stood up in the world and decided to live on their own terms.

So once again when feeling unmotivated you should first find out about your purpose in this life. Follow the steps aligned in this part of the article and you should be able to find YOUR own purpose in this life.

How To Ignite Motivation

The way you ignite motivation at least one of the ways I have used it throughout my days is to throw yourself in very uncomfortable situations and come out of it realizing that you are alive and well. Let me give you an example – next time you see a group of girls chitchatting together walk right to them and complement each and every one of them.

Uncomfortable? yes, of course. For most people who are socially conditioned not to talk to strangers it will seem close to impossible but once you do it and you realize that you are alive and well SOMETHING in you awakens you realize that you haven’t been seeing this reality the way it actually is. Your mind becomes engaged and you have a strange feeling of wanting to take action. Use this feeling to drive your career/business forward instead of feeling lazy and unmotivated. (BTW approaching strangers is just ONE way of putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, it could by anything from skydiving to learning a new language to public speaking)

Dostoyevsky was known to gamble away his money so that he could go back and write yet another masterpiece – he took himself out of his comfort zone consistently which is why he constantly grew even at his later ages.

Now where does the time machine mindset come in? Here it is… this whole time I just wanted to introduce the concept of motivation for you to get the bigger picture but now let’s talk about how to use the time machine mindset when feeling depressed and unmotivated.

Close your eyes… Imagine yourself being transported back through time where there is no modern civilization only you and the jungle… no help, no convenience, no luxury… just you and raw life. Imagine not knowing if you would even be able to survive for one day. Imagine getting over the fact that you HAD to kill another animal every week  if not every two days to be able to feed yourself. Imagine trying to mentally and physically cope with all of the harsh conditions.

Open up your eyes… keep that feeling of awareness and urgency in your body…  and REALIZE that you are HERE NOW, and you are surrounded with luxury and convenience, realize that we live in one of the most abundant times on this world. You haven no lions hunting you down, you have no harsh conditions and you have ALL of these opportunities – use CONTROLLED ways of making yourself uncomfortable to ignite motivation and go TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Stop wasting your time! It is ticking one second at a time and you are wasting it every time you are not taking action.

This world is yours so when feeling unmotivated jump up and down, shake yourself, become aware, take yourself back in time and when you are back start taking action and  keep going until you reach the results you want and NOTHING less!

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  • Darlene Unsett

    This is a great article. What really motivates me is to get involved in something I love to do. I enjoy writing and can get completely lost in a project. It’s fun to get going and suddenly realize that hours have passed without your even noticing. My friend is a baker who makes cakes for weddings. She also loves what she does. We were talking about this very
    thing the other day, and decided that even though we don’t make mega money at our businesses, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • It is an amazing feeling to give yourself fully to a project and forget the world BUT there are times when it can hurt your greatly because you shot yourself off from people that care about you. The key is balance and preparing oneself before diving into a big project. By preparing I mean make sure that everything is all set with the people you care about before diving in.

  • Kaylene Forrester

    I agree with Darlene, when you have a reason to get up in the morning, a good reason, not just that you’re going to get fired from your terrible job if you don’t get to work on time, that makes all the difference. I like what you said about imagining yourself in a stressful situation, then realizing that you’re actually in much better circumstances. You have some good tips here. Glad I read the article.

    • Yeap! Visualization is a greatly underrated tool used by only a few. This is one of the main things that separates us from the Animal kingdom and we still don’t know how to fully capitalize on that. Especially in this day and age there is such a huge gap from our past that just by visualizing the times before and the times right now could give an enormous amount of energy and potential to push forward.

  • charlygree

    I would love to take a week off and figure out what I really want out of my life. That is such a good idea, but unfortunately not possible in a financial sense. For me, I think it might be better to just spend some time relaxing and meditating on this topic during my down times. Taking an actual week would also put the pressure on to figure out the rest of my life in seven days. By taking it slower I can just keep it in the forefront of my mind and come to a well thought out decision. Love this post and all your good ideas.

    • When you feel like this you definitely should figure out on taking a mini vacation – mind needs rebooting also and most times it makes sure to let you know through singles such as this.

  • John Roake

    I like the idea of a time machine. I often think what life would be like if I was a pioneer or someone living in the dark ages. I had dental surgery not long ago and even though it was somewhat unpleasant, I was able to appreciate how much worse
    it might have been years ago. As for current motivation perhaps I should try Dostoyevsky’s plan and spend all my money so I’ll have the incentive to make more. Actually, that’s a little too risky for me. I do like the previous commenter’s ideas about getting into something you like to do. Good food for thought. Thanks.

    • Only try Dostoyevsky’s plan if you KNOW everything is set up for success – this is kind of similar to “burning the boats” strategy. Once you are there – there is no way back!

  • Geanie Kehr Roake

    I get motivated to do the things I hate i.e. scrubbing toilets, by promising myself I can do something fun when I finish. For example, if I finish the stack of transcription that’s sitting on my desk, I can go out to lunch with my friends.

    • That’s not bad but I don’t think it would be sustainable in the long run – it seems to me that could be used to finish tasks as a means to an end but couldn’t be used as an end in and of itself because there is not much enjoyment OF the process – it is the ending of the process that you are enjoying.

      I would recommend finding something that you love doing and use the same energy there.

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